Made to order service

'Made to order' means that a costume is made to your own wishes according to personal body measurements. Do you have an idea, a photo or a sketch of a piece of clothing that you would like to have made? Send an email to and we will discuss the possibilities.


We always start by discussing the design. You may already have ideas, sketches or photos of your own. If not, I'll make a sketch for you. After that you can fill out this size form.

As this progresses, I will start making the pattern and make a sample of the garment where necessary.

We also discuss by email which fabrics you would like for the garment. I will do research on the right fabrics and send you pictures so you can make a choice. I will calculate the price accordingly.

Then I will start sewing your garment. It will take about a few weeks for the garment to be finished.

Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture distinguishes itself from the rest by tailoring ''vintage inspired'' clothing for clients who want something a little different than the standard fashion image. I attract people who have their own and unique style, who are inspired by the fashion of the past and who want to distinguish themselves from the rest. People come to me especially when they want clothes from the 30s to the 60s. I also have experience with all kinds of eras. For example, if you want to have a historical costume made from 200 years back in time, this is also possible!

I make the clothes as it was done in the past, but I also apply my own 'more modern' vision. I offer high quality in both service and materials. I know a lot about the fabrics, prints and techniques they used in those eras and I apply them.

If you are looking for a one of a kind piece of clothing, then you have come to the right address! My customers always receive a perfectly tailored garment. At Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture you can assume that you will be 100% satisfied. Take a look in my guestbook and read what clients write about me.

I will always try to think along with your wishes and ideas. I am good at finding creative ideas and solutions for the women who want something a little different.


Send an email to to discuss the possibilities.


I would be happy to make an appointment with you in my studio to make wedding dresses and tailor-made suits. For this we often have to do a fitting in between and this is not possible on distance. Send an email if you have any questions about this or if you want to have a wedding dress made.


Made to order clothing:


Wedding dresses from €950

Suits & Costumes from €500

Dresses & Gala attire from €300

Jackets - Blazers - Suit jackets from €250

Dresses - Ensembles from €180

Pants - Skirts - Tops from €110