Submit your measurements


Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture needs your body measurements to tailor the piece of clothing you have chosen.

It is important that you measure everything over your underwear. DO NOT measure yourself over your clothes. Then there is a good chance that the sizes are not correct and that the garment becomes too big. The tape measure should not be too tight or too loose, just fitting over your body.


The attached photos and descriptions will help you with the process and get your perfect size.



* a tape measure

* if you have someone who could help you, it would be best. Because it's easier to get the precise measurements that way. Some measurements are very hard and almost impossible to measure by yourself, for example;  your back length. 



Padded bras, corset or shapewear can make a lot of difference. So make sure to measure yourself over the underwear you wear most often.

Since many sizes are based on your waistline, it is recommended to put an elastic or ribbon around your waist so you know exactly where to measure for the other sizes.


In case your measurements seem wrong or unrealistic, you will be contacted by the owner of Dalynnja Le Clerq Couture; Dalynnja de Klerk.



(1) Bust: Measure across the fullest part of the chest, on top of your bra. Make sure the tape measure is straight.




(2) Waist: Measure across the slimmest part of your waist, around your belly button. Make sure the tape measure is straight.




(3) Hips: Measure across the widest/fullest part of your hips and buttocks. This is usually around 15-25 centimeters down from your waist.

(4) Front width: Measure above the bust, under the armpits. Make sure you stand up straight.




(5) Bust width: Measure from nipple to nipple.




(6) Front Length: Measure from the lump near your throat to your waist. To be sure where exactly your waist is, it is useful to put an elastic around it.

(7) Back width: Measure 15 centimeters from the neck bone down and from there you measure the back width. Let your arms hang as you normally do, otherwise the sizes may vary. You measure from where your arm touches your body to the other side.



(8) Back length: Measure from the neck bone to your waistline.




(9) Side length: Measure from your armpit to your waistline.

(10) Neck width: Measure around the neck. Make sure the tape measure is not too tight, otherwise the clothing is also too tight and you should still be able to breathe.


(11) Shoulder width: Measure from the neck to the point where your shoulder ends.


(12) Bust height: Measure from your shoulder to your nipple.


(13) Hip height: Measure from your waistline to your hipline.


(14) Side length: Measure from your waist to the floor.


(15) Knee width: Measure around your knee. Make sure you don't measure too tight. It is useful to put two fingers between them.


(16) Ankle width: Measure around your ankle. Make sure you don't measure too tight.


(17) Inseam: Measure from your crotch to the floor.

(18) Arm length to elbow: Keep your arm slightly bent and measure from the shoulder to the elbow.



(19) Arm length to wrist: Keep your arm slightly bent and measure from the shoulder to the wrist.



(20) Upper arm width: Measure around your upper arm.



(21) Elbow circumference: Measure around your elbow.



(22) Wrist size: Measure around your wrist.



(23) Knee height: Measure from your waist to your knee.

(24) Sit height: Sit on a chair or stool with your feet straight on the floor. Measure from your waist down to the chair or stool.